Senior level officials of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Tamil Nadu, are being given training in yoga and meditation by designing a structured programme suitable for them.

The Chief Educational Officers of all districts in the State and Assistant District Programme Coordinators will be attending special training classes conducted in batches, according to R. Venkatesan, State Project Director, SSA.

“This is a lean period for us in SSA and that is put to effective use for our staff. For the first time, we are organising a programme for our CEOs,” he told The Hindu on Sunday

Yoga Classes

A five-day programme in yoga, meditation and mind relaxation exercises will be given to them at the Aliyar Ashram (Arivu Thirukoil) near Pollachi from May 19. One batch of staff had already attended the yoga classes and it was over on Sunday.

“We have seen the programme and thought that it will be useful for our staff. It will help them to deal with the situations through improved concentration levels,” Mr. Venkatesan opined.

The State Project Director informed that the data on school dropouts and out-of-school children in all districts is being collected right now by the field staff of SSA.

“This data will be ready by May 15 and we will take appropriate action to enrol those children in schools,” Mr. Venkatesan said.

Madurai District

Meanwhile, SSA officials in Madurai said that 3,532 out of school children have been identified in Madurai district so far and re-verification was being done at the moment. Recent dropouts and those children who have never enrolled/ attended school so far are included in the data.

The district data will be submitted to the SSA State headquarters in a couple of days. “Children will be admitted to schools in their locality based on the age and eligibility,” a field officer said.

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