Due to rash driving; driver, however, escapes

A case of rash and negligent driving in the early hours of Sunday resulted in a tipper lorry breaking into three parts.

Baffled by the accident, on-lookers at the odd hour informed the police.

Investigations suggested that the driver, identified as Suresh Kumar (24) son of Andi of Andar Kottaram, near here, was driving the vehicle. Upon landing from the Sellur fly-over, the driver, it is suspected that he did not realise the massive round-about and dashed into it.

The vehicle toppled in the impact. Luckily, the young driver had a miraculous escape as he reportedly jumped off the vehicle before it went for a toss.

Within the next few seconds, the lorry rolled over and broke into three pieces (chassis went off separately, the front cabin was lying at one end) giving shock to the on-lookers.

Police rushed the driver to the Government Rajaji Hospital, where he was admitted for treatment in Ward No. 99.

The traffic police officers said that as the accident occurred at around 4.30 a.m., there was very less traffic. Many share auto drivers who proceed from Palam Station Road to pockets like Anaiyur and Kulamangalam side, take a right turn before the round-about just in front of the Sellur fly-over thus posing high risk to vehicles coming down the fly-over.

The engineers should study the point and re-do the deficiencies before any incident was reported, the public noted.

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