They occupy every conceivable space to watch the sport

It was a case of role reversal at the Jallikattu in Palamedu near here on Wednesday as a majority of the 585 registered bull tamers exhibited very little daredevilry as against a section of spectators who risked their lives by occupying every conceivable space including parapet walls of tall buildings and cement motifs on the exterior of balconies to watch the sport for over six hours.

Most of the tamers, aged between 20 and 40, made the event look like a scene out of a comedy flick, as they took refuge under trailers, stationed on the sides of the sporting track for the use of police personnel, climbed up the fenced barricades and hid behind other courageous tamers every time a bull was let lose into the track from the Vadivasal, a narrow pathway constructed with tree trunks.

A very few

Only a few tamers exhibited extraordinary valour by literally taking the bulls by their horns and humps.

The Animal Husbandry Department officials had made sure that the horns of all bulls were turned blunt before they were let loose into the sporting track and that helped in preventing blood injuries to the tamers.

It was the presence of trailers on the track that led to the tamers suffering severe injuries.

Alike the tamers, a majority of the bulls too ran off the track without providing much of an entertainment to the gathering. Only a handful of bulls, stayed amidst the tamers, challenged them for a fight and tossed them on air, one after the other.

When the tamers took refuge under the trailers, the bulls followed and crushed them between their horns and the iron trailer bottom.

Amazed by the highlights of the sporting event, Bernard, one among a group of six French tourists, said that the event was like a jewel in the crown of the country.

Best part of tour

Speaking with the assistance of their guide-cum-translator K. Arun Prasad, a woman tourist Thullier said that getting a chance to watch ‘Jallikattu’ was the best part of their 21-day tour across Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

On the other hand, S. Ravichandran (47), a local resident, said that the sport had lost its sheen due to excessive restrictions imposed by the courts, the State Government, the district administration and the police department.

Employees of a private company involved in aerial photography and videography had come to the event venue, but did not use their equipment.


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