Says lapses found in multi-storeyed apartments in city

Residential flat promoters should focus on safety aspects as there were many lapses, said Commissioner of Police P. Balasubramanian here on Friday.

Speaking to reporters after returning 652 sovereigns of recovered jewels to the rightful owners, he said that in a growing city such as Madurai, many flats and high-rise buildings are coming up in place old and independent houses in prime and suburban locations.

Though it was good to see new and modern flats coming up, the flat promoters should focus on providing utmost safety to the residents as there were many lapses detected in the multi-storeyed apartments from the security point of view, he said.

For instance, trained security guards should man the residential flats round-the-clock. This would discourage law offenders from entering the premises at any given point of time. In an apartment complex with about 20 to 40 or even more units, installing surveillance cameras at vantage points would help in solving crimes whenever they were reported. Like in shopping malls or commercial establishments, the presence of such cameras would act as deterrents for criminals, Mr. Balasubramanian said.

The flat owners' welfare associations should create exclusive fund for ensuring safety to the residents.

About 10 days ago, a lone woman residing in a flat in S.S. Colony was found dead under mysterious circumstances. There was absolutely no clue to the crime when the police started the investigation. There was no watchman for the apartment complex. Neighbours did not have any idea about the woman who was killed. Though the case had been solved, the teams had a tough time in zeroing in on the murderers, he said.

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