R. Ismath, one of the accused in the case relating to planting of a pipe bomb to assassinate former Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani, has filed a petition in the Madras High Court Bench to relax the conditions imposed on him by a lower court while granting him statutory bail on February 6 as the police had failed to file a charge-sheet within 90 days of registration of the case.

The petitioner said that the Tirumangalam Judicial Magistrate near here had granted him bail on conditions that he should execute a bond for a sum of Rs. 10,000 with two sureties of whom one must be a Grade I officer of the State Government and the other a blood relation. The petitioner was also directed to appear before the investigating officer twice a day after being enlarged on bail. However, stating that he hailed from an indigent family, the petitioner said that he does not know any Grade I officer who would be prepared to give surety for him. “The order of the trial court is against law and unwarranted… The conditions nullify the bail order and disable the petitioner from coming out of jail. The learned Magistrate imposed excessive conditions without considering the economical status of the petitioner,” his petition read.

He also said that the Magistrate ought to have considered the probability of a casual labourer like the petitioner to have acquaintance with a Grade-I officer of the Government. Claiming that he must have been released on bail without imposing sureties as it was his Constitutional right, the petitioner urged the High Court to set aside the conditions.

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