Storage level went up by 12 feet in Sothuparai dam here on Monday, thanks to the moderate shower and good flow in all the forests streams in Kodaikanal hill on Sunday night. Water level in Manjalar dam was also increasing steadily.

The storage level rose to 67 feet in Sothuparai dam with an inflow of 106 cusecs. Inflow into Manjalar dam was 416 cusecs and the storage level touched 28-foot mark. Inflow into other dams was very low.

While Periyar dam received 392 cusecs, Vaigai dam recorded an inflow of 1,300 cusecs. Storage level in Periyar dam stood at 126.2 feet and Vaigai dam 56.3 feet. Discharge from Periyar and Vaigai dams was 1,397 and 1,060 cusecs respectively.

Torrential rain lashed Cumbum and nearby areas on Monday evening. Farmers in rain-fed areas were happy as this rain would be useful to raise single crop this season. While sowing was completed in many areas, it was in progress in some parts of the district, said agriculture officials.


Storage level shot up by six feet in Kudiraiyaru dam in Palani block in the district. Water level stood at 26.27 feet with an inflow of 49 cusecs. Inflow into Varadhamanadhi dam was 41 cusecs and the storage was 20 feet.

The district experienced sporadic to moderate showers in the last 24 hours. The total rainfall was recorded at 188.43 mm and the average rainfall at 18.84 mm. Kamatchipuram received 41 mm rainfall, the highest in the district, and Dindigul 6.7 mm, the lowest. There was no rain in Natham block. Rainfall recorded in various places in Dindigul and Theni districts on Monday morning was (in mm): Kodaikanal – 26.8, Nilakottai – 17.4, Palani – 15, Vedasandur – 15.73, Oddanchathram – 18.4, Vedasandur Tobacco Research Station – 17.4 and Kodaikanal Boat Club – 30.

In Theni district, the rainfall recorded was: Periyar – 5, Gudalur – 4, Uthamapalayam – 2.5, Shanmuganadhi dam – 3 and Veeerapandi – 45.