Platform number 1 at the Madurai junction will be temporarily closed from 10 a.m. on June 10 to 6 p.m. on June 25 to facilitate widening work.

According to a Southern Railway press release, the trains usually handled on platform 1 will be operated as per the following pattern:

Train number 6351/6352 CST Mumbai-Nagercoil-CST Mumbai Express, 6609/6610 Nagercoil-Coimbatore-Nagercoil Express, 6735/6736 Chennai Egmore-Tiruchendur-Chennai Egmore Express, 2633/2634 Chennai Egmore-Kanyakumari-Chennai Egmore Express, 2642/2641 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Kanyakumari-Hazrat Nizamuddin Express, 2667/2668 Chennai Egmore-Nagercoil-Chennai Egmore Express, 6123/6124 Chennai Egmore-Thiruvananthapuram-Chennai Egmore Anantapuri Express, 2693/2694 Chennai Egmore-Tuticorin-Chennai Egmore Pearl City Express, 2661/2662 Chennai Egmore-Shencottah-Chennai Egmore Pothigai Express, 2631/2632 Chennai Egmore-Tirunelveli-Chennai Egmore Nellai Express, 2637/2638 Chennai Egmore-Madurai-Chennai Egmore Pandian Express, 6128 Guruvayur-Chennai Egmore Express, 6340 Nagercoil-CST Mumbai Express, 2666 Kanyakumari-Howrah Express, 6734 Okha-Rameswaram Express and 2690 Nagercoil-Chennai Central Express will be operated from platform number 2. Train number 6733 Rameswaram-Okha Express, 2790 Kanyakumari-Rameswaram Express, 2665 Howrah-Kanyakumari Express, 2689 Chennai Central-Nagercoil Express, 6732 Mysore-Tuticorin Express, 2793 Chennai Egmore-Madurai Express and 6788/6789 Jammu Tawi-Tirunelveli-Jammu Tawi Express will be operated from platform number 3.

The 6731 Tuticorin-Mysore Express will be operated from platform number 4.

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