Coordinator of the Anti Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project movement, S.P. Udhayakumar, has decided to file defamation case against Union Minister of State for Prime Minister's Office, V. Narayanasamy, for alleging that the protesters were getting money from foreign countries to stop commissioning of the plant.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, he said that the Congress was supporting the commissioning of the plant. “They are terming us anti-nationals only for opposing the commissioning of the plant. In Congress-ruled States, how many nuclear power plants will they instal to put an end to power cuts?”

He said they were not getting any single penny from foreign countries. Fishermen were voluntarily coming forward to donate for the agitation against the plant. He pointed out that while the Centre was targeting the supporters of the movement, the State government was supporting them. It had also passed a resolution against the commissioning of plant in the Assembly. They had full faith in the State government. The Centre had claimed that water from the nuclear power plant would not be drawn from the Pechipparai dam. But, former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had confirmed that the dam water would be utilised.

“The Central team will be here to inspect various aspects of the plant for three days from November 15. However, work on the plant is going on for more than 23 years. How is it possible to review the functioning of the plant within just three days?” asked Mr. Udayakumar.

National yatra

The second national yatra against nuclear power by the National Alliance of Anti Nuclear Movements, an umbrella organisation comprising various groups, organised a seminar on Saturday.

Thoman Kocherry, National Federation Fish Workers, said that the Central government, its nuclear establishment and several intellectuals who had sold their souls to the country's ruling elite had launched a massive propaganda campaigns to denigrate the movement.

“They are claiming that vested interests are behind the movement, and that the plant is necessary for the development of the country. They are claiming that nuclear energy is clean, safe, green and cheap and was the best solution to meet out future energy needs. They are all lying,” said Mr. Kocherry.

The people of south India were waging a determined struggle against the Kudankulam nuclear plant.

They were fighting to defend their livelihoods and environment and the health for their coming generation.

The people of India, were taking out the yatra from Madurai to Kudankulam. It would concluded with a national seminar in Chennai, said Mr. Kocherry.