School Education Department instructs them not to carry out LKG admissions till May

Popular private schools in Madurai city will be coming scanner as they have been instructed by the School Education Department not to carry out LKG admissions till May.

“Adhere to guidelines”

The schools have been told that they should adhere to admission guidelines of the Government and ‘unofficial’ admission, if any, in the guise of registration of names would be viewed seriously.

C. Amudhavalli, Chief Educational Officer, Madurai district, told The Hindu on Sunday that specific instruction was received from the Directorate of School Education stating that nursery admissions have to be taken up only during May.

“Parents should not be put to unwanted anxiety from now itself. We have informed private schools already and surprise checks will be conducted to verify admission records. Leading schools in Madurai will be watched by us,” she said.

To be monitored

According to her, the process of LKG admission can be taken up only after annual examinations were over for all classes and the Inspector of Matriculation Schools would monitor whether the instruction is being followed.

Ms. Amudhavalli made it clear that all private schools, how popular they are, come under the purview of School Education Department and no school is beyond the office of CEO.

While there is reliable information that some schools in the city have already completed registration of names for LKG admission for coming academic year, the Inspector of Matriculation Schools C. Emaralcy has claimed that she is not aware of it.

Meeting convened

“Already, we had convened a meeting to inform schools about the Government’s rule. In the next couple of days, our staff will conduct enquiry and action would be taken against erring institutions,” she said.

When contacted, the District Collector Anshul Mishra has said that any admission season creates pressure cooker situation for parents and schools.

“Reputed schools face the difficulty due to demand. But, I think that even if the admissions are made only in May, the same situation of anxiety and pressure will prevail. So, it doesn’t matter as long as all children are able to get in to some school or other,” he felt.

Mr. Mishra opined that it will be better if admissions are given early so that parents will have time to look out for another school if they fail to get in an institution they wanted.

“Let the schools follow first come first serve basis and adhere to minimum criteria for admissions. The ultimate answer to ease the pressure for parents is when we raise the standards of all schools, both Government and private, so that there is plenty to choose from,” the Collector observed.


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