Not often would school-going students receive letters from anyone. But, this year's National Education Day on November 11 was a special day as the student fraternity across the State got special letters meant for them from none other than the Prime Minister, Union Human Resource Development Minister and the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

Common letters

The common letters, written separately by the three VVIPs, carrying an important message on the Right to Education was read out to them during the morning assembly prayer in all schools on Friday as per the instructions from the Centre and State Governments.

A communication sent to education officials in districts by the Director of School Education had spelt out the reasons why the letters of Manmohan Singh and Kapil Sibal (translated into Tamil for students' understanding) and of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa holds special significance on this year's National Education Day.

And, these messages were read out in all schools of Madurai district on November 11 as per directions.

“Every year, the birth anniversary of country's first HRD Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad is being observed as National Education Day. From this year, this important day is being celebrated as Right to Education Day. Hence, take steps to read out the messages sent out by the three leaders in Tamil for this occasion in the prayer meeting so that every student will come to know about the Right to Education,” the letter sent to the Chief Educational Officers of all districts, has said.

The letter by Prime Minister spelt out how late Maulana Azad showed interest for education in school days and went on to become the country's first HRD Minister.

“He is an example for you. Your education determines your success.

It gives you a new life. During my days there was no Right to Education legislation but today it is there for you all. Make use of it and study well,” Dr.Manmohan Singh said in his signed letter of appeal to country's young generation.

No scolding

Mr. Kapil Sibal in his letter has said that students must not be scolded or beaten in school.

“Girl students and socially/economically backward children should not be discriminated. While no child must be denied admission in school, it is also important that no child should be sent out, the HRD Minister said and in detail wrote about the significant giving the children Right to Education.

“The letters from Prime Minister, Sibal and the Chief Minister were informative and we followed the instruction by reading out in all schools on November 11. Students came to know about the calibre of Maulana Azad and I felt happy to participate in the prayer meeting at Maapalayam Girls School in Madurai when the letters were read out,” K.Sri Devi, Chief Educational Officer in-charge, Madurai District, told The Hindu on Saturday while sharing her feelings about the National Education Day.

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