“We have representatives from society to work for people”

: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) senior leader Prashant Bhushan urged the electorate to prefer while casting their votes the AAP candidates to those from the Dravidian and national parties that “had governed and looted the State and its people”.

“For the first time, people have a different choice in the form of the AAP which will transfer power back to the people. Instead of children of politicians and crony capitalists, we have representatives from society contesting who are ready to work for the people,” he said.

Mr. Bhushan was in the city on Monday to campaign for AAP’s Madurai candidate M. Kamacis.

Talking about the agenda of the party, Mr. Bhushan promised corruption-free governance.

“Whether it is the BJP or the Congress, most parties are mere puppets in the hands of big business houses in the country which include Reliance industries,” he alleged.

Gas pricing

“We have a ‘Gas scam’ happening now which will cheat the public of more than Rs.54,000 crore. If this continues unchecked by the next government, people should beware,” the AAP leader said, charging Reliance Industries on gas pricing issue.

Calling the ‘Modi wave’ a media-perpetrated one, Mr. Bhushan said that even though Narendra Modi and the BJP thought of themselves to be a worthy replacement to the Congress, the ‘Radia tapes’ proved their corrupt ways.

Speaking about Mr. Modi’s tenure as Gujarat’s Chief Minister, the senior AAP leader said that the gas price had increased from $ 8 to $12 and that no ‘Lokayuktas’ had been conducted in the State.

“How can a person who practises communal politics and encourages criminals in his Cabinet be a worthy leader?” said Mr. Bhushan, when asked about the Modi fervour that had reportedly gripped the entire nation.

“If he wins, he will loot more from the country in the next five years than the Congress had done in the last five decades,” he added.

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