Presented at the 88th annual session of Indian Philosophical Congress being held at Madura College in Madurai between December 27 and 30

‘Rapes in India: an analysis with reference to Simone De Beauvoir’s the second sex,’ is the title of a paper submitted at the 88 annual session of Indian Philosophical Congress being held at Madura College here between December 27 and 30. And interestingly, it has been authored by V. Ajitha, a student of English at Lady Doak College here.

The paper attempts to discuss the contemporary rape culture in the country from the perspective of the 1949 book ‘The Second Sex’ penned by French existentialist Simone de Beauvoir.

According to its author, the paper comes up with a solution for slut shaming and victim blaming that have been going on in the country. It also deals with the causes which lead the country into the grotesque state.

Other attention grabbing papers presented in the four day congress include ‘A philosophical analysis of problems faced by Indian Women’ by Anjali Verma, a law and management graduate and also a former employee of Central Coal Fields.

The paper by R. Aruna, a Ph.D. scholar at Madura College, is titled ‘Cultural and social norms that support violence against women.’ Contending that rules or expectations of behaviour within a cultural or social group could encourage violence, it attempts to describe how men take up stereotyped gender roles of domination and control whereas women take up that of submission and dependence.

‘The problem of juvenile delinquency: A philosophical approach’ is yet another noticeable paper to be presented by K.B. Asha, an Assistant Professor of Philosophy, who claims that only a philosophical approach would find solutions to problems faced in uplifting the youth.


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