Absence of traffic signals enable drivers to have a smooth drive on Alagarkoil Road and Gokhale Road

Drivers of the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC) city buses find the one-way traffic arrangement, introduced a fortnight ago on Ghokale Road and Alagarkoil Road, to be convenient.

According to the corporation authorities, city buses plying on these two stretches alone accounted for 225 trips in a day, taking into account entry into Ghokale Road and return trip through Alagarkoil Road, which comes to 450 single trips. On an average, the buses transported close to 50,000 passengers in both directions, the single largest occupier of the city roads. Officials say they have not received any complaints about the new one-way system.

Though there was no major savings in fuel consumption, the crew could avail additional time to relax at the terminus for a while before the next trip, which was not the case earlier, TNSTC Deputy Manager (Commercial) D.S. Vincent said here on Tuesday. Further, the absence of a series of traffic signals enabled the drivers a smooth drive all the way. Of course, there are some minor hitches to be rectified by the police along Ghokale Road to prevent accidents.

In the long run, the one-way traffic arrangement may be the only way out considering the rise in number of vehicles hitting the roads, residents feel.

The TNSTC bus crew said that there was some confusion near the Indian Oil roundabout where Gokhale Road joins New Natham Road during peak hours. The traffic police should take steps to decongest piling of vehicles at this point where vehicles converge to take different routes. Similarly, small lanes connecting Alagarkoil Road and Ghokale Road, the recourse for small vehicles to avoid a long detour, should be watched by the traffic police since traffic violations were witnessed right in the presence of traffic police. This should be sternly dealt with, motorists said.

Mini bus violation

The TNSTC officials said that a majority of the mini bus operators violated norms by parking their vehicles near Goripalayam junction, while they were permitted only up to Tamukkum. Share autorickshaws also posed a hindrance to other motorists. Since they park along Tamilarasi Bakery near Thevar statue to pick up people, vehicles coming from Palam Station Road could not take a free left turn on the Alagarkoil Road.

A senior police officer said that they have received positive feedback from the road users on the one-way traffic arrangement, introduced on an experimental basis on July 9.

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