Some changes in traffic system in the city are being carried out on an ‘experimental' basis from Tuesday evening.

According to traffic police, vehicles coming from Goripalayam shall not be permitted to take right turn towards Gandhi Museum Road. Instead, they have to proceed further on the Alagar Koil Road, take a left turn on the Ghokale Road and join the Alagar Koil Road through the adjoining by-lane stretch.

Vehicles coming from Gandhi Museum Road shall not take right turn to join Alagar Koil Road. They have to compulsorily take only left turn and join the Alagar koil Road.

Similarly, vehicles coming from Thalavai Agraharam shall compulsorily take left turn on the Vakkil New Street, take a right turn on the adjoining by lane and join Simakkal Road. The short stretch of Old Chokkanathar Temple would be closed for traffic, police said.

Keeping in mind the growing number of vehicles, the changes have been introduced and depending on the public response, it would be implemented after examining the feedback, police said.

Motorists' coming from Goripalayam proceeding towards Thangaraj Salai or K.K. Nagar may use the Panagal Road (Government Rajaji Hospital Road) stretch as an alternative instead of using the Gandhi Museum Road, a police officer suggested.

However, motorists' opined that the police are only shifting the bottleneck from Tamukkam intersection to another point.

Unless adequate personnel were posted, it will only add up to the chaos.

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