The Elango Corporation Higher Secondary School has adopted a new method of teaching to improve the students’ learning ability, hone their latent talent and creativity.

Corporation Chief Educational Officer R. Mathialagan said that the major problem in teaching students was their lack of concentration during class hours.

The State Government has directed the officials to overcome this particular issue and to help the students of Corporation schools.

“With students coming from poor socio-economic background, it was important to provide them better learning environment. For many students their studies were confined to the classrooms and not at home. This is also an attempt to make our schools top in the State,” Mr. Mathialagan said.

The efforts were aimed to make the students realise their potential and shape them as not only bright students but also good citizens, he added.

A city-based advocate, Agasthya Bharathy, would train the students through a motivational technique called “selfology”.

“My theory is very simple. It is believed that the genetically derived characters of an individual cannot be changed. But, my technique is to change these characters through environmental influence,” he said.

Mr. Bharathy said that he had trained hundreds of students in various districts free of cost.

Two teachers of the school would be trained to identify the problems of the students through counselling and provide them with a learning experience that would suit them.

The classes would be imparted to students of classes 6 to 8 without disturbing their regular school work.

School Headmaster M. Rajendran, said that the academically-weak students could be made to realise their follies and overcome them easily through this technique.

The training would be imparted to students of all the 66 Corporation schools.