Recommendations forwarded to State government: Chief Electrical Inspector

The Tamil Nadu Electrical Inspectorate (TNEI) has recommended introduction of a new set of energy conservation rules to be followed in commercial buildings in the State, according to Chief Electrical Inspector S. Appavu.

He told journalists on the sidelines of the conclusion of Energy Conservation Week celebrations here on Saturday that the recommendations had been forwarded to the State government. However, he maintained that it was up to the government to act further.

Earlier addressing the gathering, he said a survey conducted by his inspectorate about three years ago in association with National Productivity Council found that approximately 7.8 billion units of power out of 72 billion units used by the State every year could be saved if stringent measures were in place. Stating that certain norms were already in place, he said around 500 MW would be saved by 2015 by implementing those norms in 41 energy-intensive industries in the State.

Further, since 2012, government offices had been directed not to purchase electrical equipment below three star rating.

“Conservation does not mean giving up luxury and comfort. It means smart usage of available power. It is not enough if you switch off the television with a remote control. It is also equally important to switch off the plug points when the television is not in use,” he said.

Collector L. Subramanian recalled how he was able to bring down energy consumption level on Annamalai University campus while serving as a Sub-Collector in Chidambaram by asking the university authorities to switch off outdoor lamps on the campus before 6 a.m. every day.

“The University was initially using around one lakh units of power every month. But after implementing my suggestion, it brought down its consumption by 9,000 to 10,000 units. It was a saving not just for the university but for the entire State,” he said.

He impressed upon the local body officials to focus on the issue of saving power and make sure that streetlights did not continue to glow even after dawn.

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