In a bid to reduce road accidents caused by use of mobile phones while driving, a city-based software firm has developed a mobile caller tune for vehicle users.

Called as ‘Mobile Driving’ caller tune, the product which was launched by private firm Infostech here on Saturday is aimed at ensuring safety of vehicle users. It can be activated by dialling toll free number provided by the telecom service provider. A minimal amount of Rs. 30 would be charged per month for the usage. “In most accident cases reported, the cause of mishap is said to be the use of cell phone while driving,” said Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) S. Yellaparaj while talking to reporters.

Last year, a total of 423 fatal accident cases were reported in Madurai city. Road users must take their lives seriously and give importance to traffic rules, he added. According to Ganapathy, the developer of the caller tune, when the software is enabled in the mobile phone, the caller would receive an automated voice message that would say, “I am driving, please call me after 15 minutes.” If the driver receives another call after five minutes, he would receive the same message depending on the duration set.

Talks are being held with telecom companies and it will be out in the market next month, said the organisers.

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