It is kept at Valayankulam nearly 20 km away from city

The ‘108 neonatal ambulance,’ which was launched in the district in October to cater to newborn emergencies, is in search of an appropriate location to park.

Health Department officials earmarked the Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH) as the parking location. However, the ambulance is stationed at the Primary Health Centre at Valayankulam, nearly 20 km away from here.

The objective of introducing the neonatal ambulance is to prevent mortality by providing lifesaving intervention during transit to referral hospital. Fifty emergencies are reported per month on an average.

“The ambulance is kept at a distant location for want of permission,” a senior official in the Health Department told The Hindu on Thursday.

Directorate of Public Health authorities in Chennai as well as the Collector here were informed of the problem and their intervention was sought.

A formal request was made to the GRH Dean N. Mohan to allot space to park the ambulance near the paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

According to officials, the neonatal ambulance in Chennai is stationed at the Institute of Child Health at Egmore and the same should be followed here.

“Pre-intimation to paediatric ward is important while handling neonatal emergencies so that the ICU staff will be prepared to save the baby’s life during post-delivery complications,” the senior official said. The ‘108’ ambulance staff declined to comment on this issue.

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