The police are inclined to rule out an attempted robbery

Was it a murder or an accident? This is the question thrown up by the death of 52-year-old teacher B.S. Jayarani, whose body was found on a street off Koodal Pudur on July 25. Relatives suspect she she was waylaid by chain snatchers while riding a bike on her way to school and was stabbed when she resisted.

However, the police said the gash on her neck may have been caused by a sharp-edged gold pendant on her chain. Nevertheless, the Samayanallur police registered a murder case, though there were no eye witnesses. The post-mortem report pointed to shock and haemorrhage as the cause of death, Deputy Superintendent of Police T. Kanthasorooban said. The report noted the presence of food particles lodged in the trachea.

"We feel the death may have occurred due to choking. We are seeking further clarification on the post-mortem report," Samayanallur Inspector of Police S. Karthikeyan said.

The police are inclined to rule out robbery as the gold on the body was intact.

"Either the woman may have fallen off the vehicle when she took ill or simply lost balance," he said.Traces of vomit found at the scene suggest she had a health problem.

"During the fall, the chain could have got entangled in some part of the vehicle, leading to the sharp twist on the chain," the Inspector said.

A mini bus driver had seen the woman lying on the road. Two persons — a man and a woman — were standing near her. The driver did not stop to enquire, the police said.

Investigation is on.

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