Proposal submitted for acquisition of 20 acres

A proposal has been made for an all-new mega market for farmers at Kodikulam on Alagarkoil Road here.

The market will have a host of facilities and will cater to farmers from Madurai and the surrounding districts who want to sell their produce in a market with wide reach.

“A proposal has been submitted for acquisition of 20 acres of land at Kodikulam and we are expecting the G.O soon for this project,” J. Thavasumuthu, secretary of the Madurai Market Committee, told The Hindu on Monday.

The proposed market will accommodate wholesale and retail shops that can be put up by the farmers for their produce. The facilities planned include a cold storage unit, adequate space for vehicular movement and post harvest trading facilities.

“This market will serve as a hub for the sale of produce from all the major southern districts,” said Mr. Thavasumuthu while addressing the concerns of a group of coconut farmers from Usilampatti who wanted to sell their produce in the city.

The uzhavar sandhai or farmer’s market at Usilampatti which can accommodate as many as 70 shops sees only seven or eight farmers who bring in their produce daily.

“There are many shops near the bus stand which sell vegetables and most customers prefer to finish their shopping there instead of coming to the market even though it is not far away. This has deterred most farmers from bringing their produce here”, said A. Tilakavathi, Administrative officer at the Usilampatti Farmer’s Market.

The farmers too say that they haven’t got much profit at the farmer’s market and prefer to sell their produce at a larger market with more customers.

“We want to take our produce to Madurai since the place exposes us to more buyers and will fetch us better pricing. If market comes through, it will give us a good space to sell our produce” said V.R. Muthu, a coconut farmer from Usilampatti.

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