Girls secure first three ranks; three of the four toppers had chosen science stream

The district recorded a marginal rise of 0.45 per cent over last year’s score with a pass percentage of 93.77 in the Plus Two examination, the results of which were declared on Thursday. The last year’s pass percentage was 93.32.

Girls bagged the top three ranks with G.Rajeswari of CEO Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Kosakulam, and E.Haritha of St.Joseph’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School bagging the first and second ranks with 1,187 and 1,186 marks respectively.

The third place was shared by R.P.Vinothika of Mahatma Montessori Matriculation Higher Secondary School, K.K.Nagar, and A.Rajshree of SBOA Matriculation Higher Secondary School. They had scored 1,182 marks each.

Except for the district first rank holder, Ms.Rajeswari, all others had chosen the science stream. Interested in Chartered Accountancy, she scored centum in Commerce, Economics, Accountancy and Computer Science.

She missed centum in Tamil and English alone by scoring 194 and 193 respectively.

The second rank holder, Ms.Haritha, had got centum in Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. She missed it by a whisker in Physics by scoring 199 marks.

While Ms.Vinothika secured the full mark in Computer Science, Ms.Rajshree secured it in Chemistry and Mathematics.

Joint Director of School Education M.Palanisamy honoured the toppers in the presence of Chief Educational Officer C.Amuthavalli.

The district first rank holder, also a third rank holder at the State level, could not attend the programme as she was away in Chennai following her mother’s death on May 4.

As per State Government rules, the toppers were selected only among those who had chosen Tamil as the second language though other students too had secured equal marks with French and Sanskrit as their second language.

Among those who had chosen French as the second language, N.Sivani of TVS Matriculation Higher Secondary School scored the first place with 1,187 marks. Deepap Prakash Narayanan of the same school scored 1,186 with Sanskrit as the second language.

This year, a total of 34,295 students from 253 schools wrote the Plus Two examination in the district, and of them 32,159 cleared it. Though girls outnumbered boys in the total number of candidates, the Education Department officials sought a day’s time to analyse the pass percentage based on gender.

Last year, 32,714 students appeared for the examination and 30,529 secured a pass.