To ensure that their students top the rank list

With barely a month left for Class XII Board examinations, private tuition centres and home tutors are slogging to ensure that their students top the rank list. While the middle class families are seen banking on private tuition centres for extra coaching, the affluent and upper middle class people have engaged private tutors for their children.

“I have been tutoring four Class XII students this year. I prepare them with the help of blueprint and previous years’ question papers,” says S. Subramani, a home tutor in Chemistry.

Home tuition, a concept well-known in the metros, is slowly making inroads into Madurai. Private tuition at the homes of students last for one to one and a half hours a day and the tutors get paid on an hourly basis.

“Home tutors in Madurai get Rs.400 to Rs.500 per hour. There are tutors who charge Rs.3,000 per month from middle class families. But it is mostly the affluent families that engage home tutors,” says K. Kaviarasan, a home tutor in Mathematics.

Mr.Kaviarasan adds that his students range from toppers and average learners to slow learners, whose family prefer individual coaching. He is now conducting chapter-wise tests to identify difficult areas for his students and enhance their understanding in the critical portions.

“Families of most of the students who prefer home tuition aim at sending their wards to professional courses, especially medicine,” says Mr.Subramani.

The private tuition centre continues to be the most favoured for middle class families. Endless revision tests and coaching based on previous years’ question papers top the agenda of tuition centres. “We conduct two hours of coaching each day for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Most of the parents depend on the tuition centres to make their wards score above 90 per cent,” says A. Lakshmipathy, who runs a private tuition centre.

S. Balaji, a tahsildar, dedicates his time for students of Corporation schools, who aim to score high.

“I started my coaching in June and completed it in December 2013. Six months of coaching with study materials I collected over the past two decades is enough for my students,” says Mr.Balaji.

He has been providing free coaching for Corporation school students for the last 22 years and this year he had around 120 students.

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