The Sixth Edition of the Madurai Symposium 2013, organied by Dhan Foundation, will bring together stakeholders such as representatives from the Central and State Governments, the common public, non-governmental organisations and academicians to discuss the theme of ‘Governance for Advanced Development,’ said M. P. Vasimalai , Executive Director, Dhan Foundation.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, he said that the symposium to be held from September 11 to 15 at Tamukkam Grounds will focus on federations and groups and their governance. The main aim will be to foster democracy in governance.

It is expected to attract 15,000 participants from across the country and will have 50 workshops and 10 conventions on issues that include water management, sanitation, poverty, biodiversity conservation, sustainable agricultural practices, micro-finance and financial inclusion.

Special emphasis will be laid on ‘custodian farming’ through sessions that focus on ‘advance governance in seed systems.’

“Five farmers have been shortlisted and will receive awards for effectively practicing sustainable farming methods which will aid in biodiversity conservation,” said M. Kalyanasundaram, Chief Executive, International Network of Alternative Financial Inclusion, India. “Through all the workshops and conventions, we hope to create a climate of development through knowledge .The main characteristics of governance, which include accountability, transparency, responsiveness, equity and ethics, are also what we hope to inculcate,” he added. The symposium will also play host to the 9 edition of the Development Film Festival.

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