Officials from the Labour Department conducted a raid at 125 jewellery shops and jewellery workshops here on Saturday following complaints from the public that the electronic weighing scales in various shops were manipulated.

Legal actions were initiated against the owners of 50 shops which were discovered violating the law, said a press release from P.Subramanian, Assistant Commissioner of Labour.

According to the release, jewellery shops in places such as South Avani Moola Street, West Avani Moola Street, near Jansi Rani Park, Pacharisikara Street, Kansa Mettu Street and Metukammala Street were raided by three teams headed by Mr. Subramanian.

A fine of Rs 13,500 was levied and collected from 27 shops that did not possess the maximum capacity weighing stones and thereby violated the Legal Metrology Act. Three shops were fined Rs. 500 each for not renewing the licenses of their electronic weighing scale annually.

Mr. Subramanian further said in the release that action will be initiated against the owners of the jewellery showrooms that sold gold jewels without deducting the weight of the stones under the Legal Metrology Act. Public can contact the officials at 0452-2604388 to lodge their complaints, he added.


130 shops raided in MaduraiSeptember 10, 2013

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