Nija Nadaga Iyakkam staged two short plays by Koothupattarai at Maniammai Primary School here on Sunday.

Anandsami of Koothupattarai enacted the solo plays based on Sundara Ramasamy’s short stories, ‘Jannal’ and ‘Seethai Mark Seeyakkaai Thool’ to the music accompaniment of Vedanth Bharadwaj. Speaking on the sidelines of the programme, M. Ramaswamy, president of Nija Nadaga Iyakkam, said drama was more effective than any other medium of communication. “It makes story telling interesting. In schools, teachers should employ drama as a tool in the classrooms,” he said.

Mr. Anandsami said this was the first time in Madurai that the two plays were staged.

‘Jannal’ is the story of a bedridden youngster and his relationship with the characters he sees through the window by his bed. ‘Seethai Mark Seeyakkai Thool’ is the tale of an artist’s rendition of Seetha for an advertisement.

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