Tourists visiting the hill station this winter will have an opportunity to see the bountiful blossom of ornamental plum tree, technically known as Prunus Genus.

Standing in front of the recently renovated Glass House in the Bryant Park, the ornamental plum tree has started blossoming. It belonged to the flowering varieties like almond, apricot, cherry, nectarine and peach. Collectively known as stone fruits, these trees produce little or no eating-quality fruit but are prized for their springtime display of blossoms.

Some trees even offer fall foliage colour, as well as an attractive shape. People may not value its tiny plums, but they draw birds in large numbers.

Moreover, butterfly larvae feed on the prolific flowers in spring only, according to Deputy Director of Horticulture S. Raja Mohamed.

“It is an asset to the Bryant Park.”

Special care is needed for the maintenance of this ornamental tree variety.

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