A knife was found inside the tool box of a ‘For registration' car near Teppakulam here on Monday.

The car driver and two grandchildren of a former Superintendent of Police were intercepted by the Teppakulam police during a vehicle check.

Investigations revealed that driver Muneeswaran had picked up the children from a nearby school and was on his way home. As the car did not have a registration number, the police checked the vehicle and found the knife in the tool box.

Police officers said that they had recorded the case. Further investigation is on.

As per Election Commission guidelines, the police were instructed to check “for registration” vehicles as there were instances of law offenders using “for registration” stickers on vehicles to escape the eyes of law.

All check posts within the city and peripheries were alerted.

The Regional Transport Offices have also been instructed to ensure that the numbers were displayed legibly on the vehicles as per the Motor Vehicles Act, a senior officer on election duty said.

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