An iron rod which had pierced the chest of a 24-year-old man in a road accident was successfully removed by a team of senior doctors through a major emergency surgery at the Government Rajaji Hospital here on Tuesday.

The youngster, Surendar of Uthamapalayam in Theni district, fell on the road on Monday midnight after the tyre of the two-wheeler he was riding burst near Theni and in the impact he hit a centring rod. He was rushed to the GRH here and an urgent operation was done in the early hours of Tuesday.

A team of cardiothoracic and anaesthesia specialists performed the three-hour surgery and the iron rod was taken out from the chest of Surendar who was now recuperating in the Intensive Respiratory Care Unit.

Talking to reporters about the surgery, S. C. Ganesh Prabhu, Director, Institute of Anaesthesiology, GRH, said that the chest part of the accident victim was badly ruptured and he had luckily escaped injury of heart and lungs.

“We performed a major surgery at 4 O’ clock and took off the rod which went through the neck and came out from the other side piercing the chest. No other organ was affected,” Dr. Ganesh Prabhu, who was in the medical team said.

The surgery was jointly performed by R. Raghunathan, chief of cardiothoracic department and experts from Institute of Anaesthesiology. Other doctors in the team were Dr. Jobs from cardiothoracic department and Ganesa Pandian from anaesthesiology.

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