As part of the project, Puratchi Kavignar Mandram in Madurai will bring out a short introduction on ‘Tolkappiyam.’

In an effort to take Tamil literature to every household, particularly among the youth, a series of ‘Short introductory texts on Tamil literature’ has been planned by Puratchi Kavignar Mandram here.

R.Ilankumaranar, a multifaceted personality, will bring out a short introduction on ‘Tolkappiyam.’

Cited as the earliest work available in Tamil language, ‘Tolkappiyam’ is a work on the grammar of Tamil language.

The text is written in the form of Noorpaa or short formulaic compositions and comprises Ezhuttadhikaram, Solladhikaram and Poruladhikaram.

Mr.Ilankumaranar said the ‘Tolkappiyam’ talks about the traditional life of Tamils, which included marriage, family life, governance and war strategy.

The ‘Tolkappiyam’ deals with phonology, morphology, semantics, prosody and the subject matter of literature.

The work was a strong evidence for Tamil getting the Classical Language status.

The 32-page introductory text is modelled on ‘question and answer type.’

The next prominent Tamil text that the Mandram planned to publish would be ‘Tirukkural,’ said its secretary P.Varadarasanar.


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