Making minor millets an integral part of the food intake can lower risk of lifestyle-related diseases, said T.Dhanapalan, programme leader of Kalanjiyam, Dhan Foundation, on Sunday.

He was addressing the residents of Agrini Residential Enclave in Andalpuram here. “Around 40 lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, asthma, cancer, and heart and liver ailments have been identified in India. They can be cured by including minor millets in diet because they are rich in fibre, proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrition,” said Mr.Dhanapalan.

Mr.Dhanapalan said doctors should suggest minor millets to the people to reduce lifestyle-related diseases. Millets such as ragi, thinai, varagu, kambu, cholam, samai and kudiraivaali were rich in nutrition, he said. A team from Joule Foods, Coimbatore, which promotes minor millets explained simple recipes using minor millets. Kudiraivali payasam, samai pongal and cholam biriyani were prepared at the venue.

“Most people think that minor millets cannot be eaten everyday. The general assumption is that not many dishes could be prepared from millets. Our demonstration will make them understand that different dishes could be made from millets as well,” said V.R.Dharmendra, one of the members of Joule Foods.

Dhan Foundation and Joule Foods had also put up stalls containing cookies and other snacks made of minor millets. The event was organised by Dhan Foundation and Agrini Residential Enclave.

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