The government is all set to revise the guideline value of land to set right the anomalies in the registration of documents and to narrow down the difference in the market and guideline value of the properties across the State.

Addressing a review meeting of Madurai and Tirunelveli Zone Collectors and Registration Department officials here on Saturday, Inspector General of Registration Dharmendra Pratap Yadav instructed officials to complete field inspections and submit their recommendations for the revision of guideline value of land before October 31.

Only after Special Deputy Collector (Stamps) is consulted on the guideline value, will the registrations be done hereafter, he said.

Land value differences that are there would be streamlined under a broad classification and all the guidelines would be brought under it.

Mr. Yadav opined that all the anomalies could be settled with this new approach. Land will be registered only under the existing guideline value, whatever it is. Efforts like these would help to stabilise land prices.

Officials have to inspect all classification of land across the State to fix the guideline value. Registration of lands would become easier and simple only if the correct guideline value was available to the people, he noted.

When lands are registered according to their correct values, local bodies would also earn more revenue, he added.

Due to undue speculation, agricultural lands have been turned into housing sites and lay unproductive for years.

He also asked the Collectors to conduct review meetings with regard to registration as it not only brings more revenue to the government but also creates a lot of problems to the people if the documents are not registered properly. He also asked the Registration department officials to ensure that no dual values are fixed. Only street rates should be used in urban areas. “Let there be no survey numbers,” he said.

Mr. Yadav said that dual guideline values need to be eliminated. In Chennai and other major cities, this has been a persisting problem. Artificiality is there in land prices which needs to be checked thoroughly.

Speaking to the reporters, Mr. Yadav said that the officers should make appropriate proposals to the district committees to increase or decrease the guideline value if there are discrepancies.

The revised guideline value, once notified, should be widely publicised. The Inspector General appealed to the officers to extend their full cooperation to the exercise.

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