Members of the Popular Front of India staged a ‘fill-the-jail’ agitation on Scott Road near Head Post Office on Sunday, condemning ‘foisting of cases’ against Muslims in the State.

According to S. Ilyas, State secretary of Tamil Nadu Popular Front of India, around 7,000 Muslims took part in the agitation in Madurai.

A similar protest was staged in Chennai, he said. “A large number of innocent Muslims are being framed in false cases, arrested and are not even granted bail. We only condemn the illegal detention of innocent Muslims. Those who are guilty should be punished, but at the same time the innocent people should not be targeted by the intelligence units. The public view the Muslims as terrorists because of the police,” Mr. Ilyas said.

The demonstrators alleged that more than five innocent Muslims were arrested in Madurai in the past six months and were subjected to custodial torture. The agitators were arrested and detained in the Tamukkam Grounds . They were released later.

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