Food Business Operators can now register online to obtain registration and license certificate from the Food Safety Department.

The process which included filling up the application forms and submitting the same to food safety inspectors at their offices is now being made available online for the convenience of those who are in food business, according to J. Suguna, Designated Officer for Food Safety, Madurai.

The operators can log on to website and enter particulars for food safety license or registration as the case may be. If the annual turnover is below Rs.12 lakh, the food business operators have to apply for registration certificate and if it is more than Rs.12 lakh they have to obtain license.

Dr. Suguna said on Sunday that the online registration facility commenced on June 26 and a training programme was conducted here last week for Food Safety Officers (FSOs) of Madurai and Theni districts. Applications received online will be forwarded to the FSOs and they will carry out inspections before issuing food safety certificates. Food Business Operators would be given an acknowledgement receipt with reference number.

The Designated Officer has said that application status can be known online and processing work would be completed within 30 days. Food vendors, roadside eateries, hotels and restaurants, hostels, and all business establishments selling food products will have to apply for food safety certificate.

“So far, we have issued 1,800 licenses and 7,000 registration certificates in Madurai district. Another 10,000 food business operators are yet to apply in the district. Whatever data was received manually so far will be fed in to online system,” she said. Registrations and licenses have to be renewed every year and more details can be had from the Food Safety Department situated in the office of Deputy Director of Health Services at Viswanathapuram in the city.

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