Ahead of the ensuing ‘jallikattu’ (bull fight) season, Collector N. Mathivanan spelt out the rules to organisers at a closed-door meeting here on Monday. Officials from the departments of Revenue, Police, Health and Animal Husbandry and MLA P. Moorthy, among other elected representatives, were present at the meeting.

As per the Jallikattu Regulation Act, Mr. Mathivanan listed about 30 dos and don’ts.

All the participating bulls should not only be trained and registered but certified as fit by the animal husbandry authorities.

In a bid to make the bulls move around aggressively, they should not be induced with any form of drugs which may contain nicotine or cocaine substances.

Similarly, liquid or powdered items which may harm the bulls such as lime, chilly powder or snuff should not be administered prior to the commencement of the ‘jallikattu.’

No overcrowding

Apart from this, the organisers were informed to ensure that there was no overcrowding at the point where the bulls are let off into the ring.

Not more than four persons shall be permitted to catch a bull.

There should be adequate space for the bulls to move around till the end and any form of suffocation due to lack of space would be seriously dealt with.

Safety certificate

A ‘safety certificate’ from the PWD authorities is essential and participants would have to submit a letter to the revenue authorities.

Thorough medical tests would be carried out on all the participants.

Ambulances should be stationed at the venue.

For easy identification of participants, they would have to be provided with uniforms by the organisers, Mr. Mathivanan said.

Later, some of the organisers told reporters that they expressed inability to remit the deposit of Rs. 2 lakh for organising the ‘jallikattu.’

The Collector assured that he would convey this to the government.