Academicians allege that Rs.60 lakh has been “fixed” for the post

Academicians and teachers’ associations in Madurai are demanding video recording of candidates’ interview to be conducted soon for selecting full-time Registrar of Madurai Kamaraj University, a post being managed on an in-charge basis for the past four years.

They also urged the higher education authorities to ensure that the particulars of candidates, who had applied for the post, were kept in the public domain to ensure transparency in the selection process and instil confidence in the eligible applicants.

The interview and selection of the Registrar will be done after the model code of conduct is lifted. The interview was originally scheduled for May 12, but it was cancelled, and the applicants were intimated through e-mail.

A few candidates approached The Hindu on Tuesday alleging that the post was up for sale and the rate was Rs.60 lakh, which was fixed by “three brokers on the campus.”

They also requested Vice-Chancellor Kalyani Mathivanan to weed out the corrupt elements involved in fixing prices for university posts.

R. Murali, Principal, Madura College, when contacted, said he was pained to hear from his colleagues that bargaining was going on for many positions. “I hope the Vice-Chancellor will put an end to this. Applicants’ qualifications and their interview marks must be made public. Video recording will help to some extent and the university should take steps to see that the Registrar selection is not made on personal discussions.”

He demanded that the MKU authorities should form a panel for conducting the interview. “Middlemen must have no place in the MKU as it involves the university’s image,” he added.

An open appeal for transparency came from Tamil Nadu Federation of University Faculty Associations (TANFUFA) too. Its convenor S. Krishnaswamy said that the competition for Registrar post should be among the best qualified candidates and not based on money. “We should know who all applied for that position and on what basis the selection was done. Stop this corruption immediately,” Dr. Krishnaswamy said.

Asked for her comment, Dr. Kalyani Mathivanan said she would enquire into the issue and take action if anyone made a written complaint to her. “I thank you for bringing this to my attention, and the middlemen, if any, will be identified,” she said on Wednesday.

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