Members of Dalit Liberation Movement of India (DLM), led by its national convenor, Dalit Pandian staged a demonstration in front of the Head Post Office here on Saturday placing a demand to the Union government to print images of B.R. Ambedkar on currency notes.

Mr. Pandian said that Dr. Ambedkar remains the most important political figure of modern India as it had been largely perceived by political philosophers and thinkers that the Indian Constitution drafted under his chairmanship held the nation together. His modernity and political ideals for a participatory mode of governance were worth recalling.

That being the case, the Union government and Reserve Bank of India should consider putting Dr. Ambedkar’s image on currency notes.

As part of its national-level campaign one lakh post cards carrying images of Dr. Ambedkar with the demand to print his images would be posted. On Saturday, postal cards addressing the President, Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Governor, RBI and Members of Parliament were posted at the Madurai Head Post Office.

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