If you are not able to contact the corporation officials or councillors over the phone to complain about poor drinking water supply to your area or about the gradually ‘growing' garbage mound on a public utility space near your home, you may hereafter mail the complaints through the local body's official website launched on Tuesday by Mayor A.L. Subramanian.

An acknowledgement will be sent by e-mail for the complaint sent through http://tirunelvelicorp.tn.gov.in.

Residents can also forward suggestions through the corporation's website to improve its functioning on every front. Since the mobile phone numbers of councillors and officials have been hosted in the website, you can also reach them through their cell phones.

“Since we'll update the website periodically, chances of hosting obsolete mobile phone numbers (of officials and the councillors) is very less,” said Commissioner N. Subbaiyan.

Though the corporation has made arrangements in its website to download applications for getting birth / death certificates, there is no provision as of now to submit the same online.

“We are working in this direction as our ultimate goal is to ensure paperless governance at all levels of the corporation. Those who file complaints with us now will soon receive proper reply from the official concerned regarding the action taken to solve the cited problem. Moreover, online tax payment is also our immediate objective that will avoid a range of problems,” Dr. Subbaiyan noted.

The corporation has planned to list-out all its ‘achievements,' development schemes to be executed in the website and hence the public can pinpoint with concrete proof the flaws, if any, in the execution of such programmes.

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