The Madras High Court bench here has ordered Madurai Collector to inspect Panchayat Union Primary School in Ulaganeri and file a report on the facilities available at the school.

The court’s direction came on a public interest writ filed by I.Sabeer Mohamed alleging that the school lacked basic facilities. In his petition, Mr.Mohamed claimed that he visited the school after reading a news report in The Hindu on June 27, titled ‘A school sans basic facilities’.

The petitioner also submitted a copy of the news report before a division bench that heard the case.

According to Mr.Mohamed’s counsel R.Alagumani, the petitioner visited the school on June 28, along with Imran Khan, an advocate.

The school, established in 1969, did not have a compound wall, and as a result, stray dogs and cattle were freely roaming the school campus, Mr.Alagumani claimed.

“Stray animals were seen even inside the noon meal centre at the school. During night time, antisocial elements trespassed into the school campus to consume liquor and engage in other illegal activities, as there is no compound wall,” the counsel alleged.

He further claimed that there was no water available at the toilets in the school, which were in bad condition. No one was there to clean them, he added.

Mr.Alagumani also stated that there was no drinking water facility in the school and the school’s land was being encroached upon in the absence of a compound wall.

The petitioner had sent representations to the Chief Minister, Collector, Chief Educational Officer and Corporation Commissioner, demanding construction of a compound wall and improvement in the infrastructure, but there was no action on them, the counsel stated.

Justices N.Paul Vasanthakumar and P.Devadass issued a direction to the Collector, and adjourned the case till next week.

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