Collector C.Kamaraj on Sunday called for more public-private partnership (PPP) in providing rural healthcare and lauded the Vadamalayan Hospitals for its ‘Melakkal model' of constructing a maternity block at the Primary Health Centre in Melakkal village near here.

At a function held to commemorate the completion of first year of Dr. P.Vadamalayan Memorial Maternity Block at Melakkal PHC, the Collector appealed to the donors, philanthropists, private companies and wealthy people to work along with the Government in public health activities.

“There are many rich people. But, the gesture of Vadamalayan Hospitals by spending Rs.18 lakh for constructing a maternity block and maintaining it for the past one year is a good example of PPP. More donors can come forward and join hands with the State Government/district administration by following the example of what has been done in Melakkal village,” Mr. Kamaraj said.

The Collector lauded Hospital Chairman and Managing Director Pugalagiri Vadamalayan for responding to a media report on the plight of Melakkal PHC where lack of adequate infrastructure was hampering the deliveries and maternal care.

“This maternity block at Melakkal PHC immensely benefits the rural people, particularly the pregnant women. It is heartening to know that 308 deliveries were performed in the last one year in this well-equipped maternity block constructed by the Vadamalayan Hospitals,” the Collector said.

Dr.Pugalagiri Vadamalayan said that the block was dedicated on July 11 last year. As an added benefit, ‘Vadamalayan Health Card' was issued to all the 308 babies who were born in this maternity block during the last one year, he said.

He said that several community outreach programmes were being carried out through the Vadamalayan Memorial Trust. The Chairman said that the babies and their family members could avail 30 per cent concession for laboratory investigations in all the branches of Vadamalayan Hospitals and 15 per cent concession in hospital bill for in-patient services.

P. Moorthy, Sholavandhan MLA, said that the State Government had been implementing many healthcare schemes like the health insurance and ‘108' ambulance service.

A.Palanichamy, Deputy Director of Health Services and A.Panchanathan, Joint Director of Rural Health Services, offered felicitations. S.Prasanna, Medical Officer, Melakkal PHC, proposed a vote of thanks.

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