The Communist Party of India (CPI) has sought closure of a chemical factory at Poigaikaraipatti near Alagarkoil, claiming that it polluted groundwater and posed health hazard to the residents.

Veteran leader R. Nallakannu met the villagers on Sunday. The people complained to him that vast tracts of agricultural land had been rendered fallow owing to groundwater pollution. “Many women complained that they had uterus problem,” district secretary P. Kalidass said. Stating that the groundwater had been contaminated, the party demanded that water be brought from outside and supplied in the village for drinking and cooking purposes.

The execution of Cauvery Combined Drinking Water Scheme should be expedited for the benefit of the villagers, he added.

The party would raise the issue in the forthcoming Assembly session, he added.


Chemical waste dumped in wells: residentsSeptember 20, 2013

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