Raj, a native of Tuticorin district, figured in a number of robbery cases and house break-ins

An antisocial element, who figured in a number of robbery cases and house break-ins, was secured by Madurai City Police, thanks to the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera fitted in Reliance Store on Kamarajar Salai here on Monday.

The police said Raj (54), a native of Tuticorin district, had allegedly planned to rob the store late on Sunday night.

After sneaking into the premises, he made a hole in the wall to get inside the shop and when he was about to step in, the company’s staff in Mumbai who were monitoring the CCTV camera, alerted the stores manager.

Immediately, the staff informed police. The police rushed to the spot and tried to secure him. However, Raj escaped from the spot under the cover of darkness and began to run on the Gate Lock Road.

After a hot chase, when the police nabbed him near the Kiruthumal Canal, he complained of uneasiness.

He was admitted to Government Rajaji Hospital.

Pending cases

According to a senior police officer, there were many criminal cases pending against Raj.

When he refused to cooperate with the police, they took his fingerprints, and they were matched with those in Fingerprints Bureau, Chennai.

He had committed many offences in Tuticorin and other districts.

He was also wanted in connection with crimes committed in Kerala. In 2007, he broke into a house in Tuticorin and stole 100 sovereigns, the officer added.

Teppakulam police said the timely alert by the CCTV camera monitoring staff at the store’s headquarters in Mumbai came in handy.

The accused is being watched by a policeman at the hospital.

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