Panchayat union representatives interact with administrators

“Give priority to women sanitation and ensure that integrated women sanitary complexes are utilised properly,” R. Narayanan, co-ordinator of the Total Sanitation Campaign, told a gathering of women panchayat presidents and vice-presidents at a meeting here on Friday.

Women representatives from the panchayat unions in Tirupparankundram block interacted with block-level administrators at the meeting organised by Ekta Resource Centre for Women and The Hunger Project. “The State is stressing total utilisation of the integrated women sanitary complexes. Houses that do not have toilets in the panchayat unions should be identified and elected representatives must explain the government schemes that provide assistance for their construction,” Mr. Narayanan added.

P. Diana, Child Protection Officer, elaborated on the rights of children. “If there is any incident of child marriage, do not hesitate to bring it to our attention. We not only stop the marriage but also follow up the wellbeing of the children involved. The representatives should utilise the ‘1098’ Childline service,” she said.

Ms. Diana explained the government welfare schemes meant for poor children.

M.S. Gayathri, Programme Officer of The Hunger Project, said though women representatives were aware of government’s welfare schemes, particularly in the recent years, they were yet to overcome the hurdles placed by the patriarchal society. “We organise such programmes so that they can understand their work better,” she said.

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