A public meeting to explain ‘Bhopal disaster and Bhopal Judgment' was organised here on Tuesday by the Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF).

A resolution was passed demanding a white paper on the Bhopal tragedy and the safe passage of Warren Anderson of Union Carbide Company.

The Forum felt that the allotment of fund announced by the Centre was insufficient since all the affected people must be given suitable compensation.

“The Indian Government must take steps to see that Union Carbide Company and Dow Chemicals bear the compensation. Special Courts have to be established for speedy judgement of industrial disasters. Based on the recent court verdict, the Nuclear Liability Bill should be reviewed,” the TNSF demanded in a press statement.

S. Krishnaswamy, State President, TNSF, criticised the Government for delay in taking suitable action on the company even 26 years after the Bhopal tragedy. P. Rajamanickam, member, spoke on the Bhopal gas leak which affected five lakh people. “It is an industrial disaster which polluted air, water and soil. Its effect is there for several generations,” he observed.

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