Youth should make viable proposals: HR consultant

Speakers at a workshop, organised under the auspices of the District Industries Centre in coordination with the Tamil Nadu Home Science College and Research Institute, underlined the abundant opportunities open to unemployed youth who could turn entrepreneurs with the support of public sector banks backed by government subsidies.

Speakers urged would-be entrepreneurs not to look for large-scale industry. Even a one-man show can produce goods on a tiny scale and offer services depending on the demand.

Until a decade ago, many women did not opt for employment. Today, women are a significant part of the workforce. Couples like to eat out these days.

These trends should be exploited by prospective entrepreneurs, by studying the market and targeting the needs of customers.

Entrepreneurs need to keep changing trends in mind, said KR. Gnanasambandan, an entrepreneur and vice-president of the Tamil Nadu Small and Tiny Industries Association, in his address.

“An initiative requires a positive approach. There are many avenues open to youngsters to start their businesses. A viable proposal should click across the table. Many bankers are open to new ideas. There is a sense of readiness shown by them towards neo-entrepreneurs and their capabilities,” said R.N. Iyengar, a HR consultant.

NABARD AGM R. Shankar Narayan and SBI AGM Y. Ramu outlined the subsidies and their features.

Collector Anshul Mishra presented subsidy cheques to beneficiaries under the New Entrepreneur-Cum-Enterprises Development Scheme and the Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Programme. He appealed to youngsters to don the role of entrepreneurs.

“Unemployment is a major problem threatening society and governments have shown the path to join the mainstream by offering sops as an incentive. It is for thebeneficiaries to grab such opportunities,” Mr. Anshul Mishra added.