Extra protection to vital installations, places of worship

Elaborate security arrangements have been made in the city in view of the Babri Masjid demolition anniversary that falls on Friday (December 6).

The City Police have started checking vehicles and lodges to prevent movement of antisocial elements.

Vital installations, places of worship and government offices have been provided with additional security.

Police pickets have been put up at important junctions and intensive surveillance has been put in place at crowded places like bus stands and railway stations.

The police have formed open line patrol teams to secure railway tracks and bridges.

A police officer said foot patrolling teams had been deployed across the city to work in tandem with Corporation employees, especially sanitary workers, in identifying abandoned objects on the streets.

Similarly, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) and the Tamil Nadu Railway Police (TRP) have stepped up security at railway stations.

Trains were being escorted by the personnel of both the security agencies. Besides, all parcels and baggage of passengers were being scanned at Madurai railway junction, Divisional Security Commissioner (RPF) Sukumaran said.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (TRP) A.C. Vellaiyan said all the passengers coming to the station were frisked before being allowed into the station.

Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad was making random checks of articles and parcels on the platforms.

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