Even as health authorities denied dengue fever cases, the people have been in a fix as mosquito menace is severe in Ramanathpauram and Kilakarai towns.

The spurt in mosquitoes due to water stagnation in stormwater drains, waterlogged areas, open drains and others has been reported from all parts of the towns, especially from areas located near the canals.

It is not that the mosquitoes become active only at the sunrise and sunset times, the people bear the brunt of mosquito bite during daytime also. Hence, they have been forced to use mosquito repellents during daytime also.

The recent rain that caused waterlogging in many parts of the towns and improper disposal of waste are said to be the main reasons for the spurt in mosquito density.

“Though the municipal authorities played an active role in draining out the rainwater they have not been pro-active in containing the mosquito population, which is said to be important reasons for viral fever. The population of mosquito has increased several fold in the last few days alone and locals are at the risk of being affected by malaria and dengue,” says Murugan of Velipattinam.

P. Marimuthu of Bharathi Nagar said that no official, particularly health and sanitation, seemed to be bothered about the mosquito menace. The residents had been forced to take preventive efforts for themselves from mosquito bites.

The hospitals, including private nursing homes in Ramanathapuram and Kilakarai, have been flooded with patients, particularly babies with symptoms of viral fewer. An outbreak of fever was reported in a few areas notably Achunthanvayal a few weeks ago. A few private hospitals have even claimed, based on their own methods of laboratory tests, that a few patients were tested positive for dengue, a claim denied by the health authorities.

V. Uma Maheshwari, Deputy Director, Health, Ramanathapuram told The Hindu on Sunday that some private hospitals had been making false claim of dengue cases without following well-acknowledged tests.

There was no outbreak of dengue. When an outbreak of fever was reported at Achunthanvayal village about a month ago, the authorities controlled the fever. Out of 10 fever samples collected from the village it was found that just two each were tested positive for dengue and chickunkunya.

Private hospitals would be asked to provide the list of suspected cases to the health authorities. The samples could be tested at the modern facility created at the government hospital in Ramanathapuram.

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