When the blue and yellow wooden bird took off and flew at a high speed and did gentle manoeuvres and loops, the audience, gathered at the Race Course stadium, cheered with loud whistles and claps.

The aero-modelling air show held as part of Maamadurai Potruvom celebrations gave a glimpse that the temple city does not lag behind in terms of technical advancements on the aero-modelling field.

S. Parthasarathy who runs an aero-modelling laboratory at home in Madurai along with his two daughters Poorna, Aadhya and son Aadhithya made those economically produced models of flying replicas of aircraft.

The air show consisted of display of small sized flying replicas of engine-powered high-wing dropper aircraft, aerobatic aircraft, glider aircrafts, control line aircraft and they demonstrated their flying skills.

All the planes flown here were radio-controlled and operate on low-glow engines, which run on fuel.

The noise of low-glow engine models gives the audience a feel of the power of the engine.

The flying small sized replicas of existing aircraft that were used here were made of balsa wood, polystyrene and card stock. The miniature models were flown at an altitude of 1000 feet above sea level. The crowd which expected a lot of manoeuvring skills on display in the air started to leave the stadium a little disappointed.

The event was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner of Police, R.Thirunavukkarasu in the presence of Su.Venkatesan, writer and organiser, Maamadurai Potruvam.

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