Minor traffic regulations on the Alagarkoil Road-Gokhale Road is on

After introduction of the one-way stretch along the Alagarkoil Road and Gokhale Road, the authorities have now planned to fine tune it, so as to facilitate better vehicle flow, police say.

After nearly two months, the authorities have stepped in to improve the stretch in such a way that it could be more useful for pedestrians and other road users as well.

As a first step, the traffic police have identified two spots on each stretch, where pedestrians can cross with ease.

Initially, a policeman will be deployed at each point to facilitate public to cross the stretch.

After some period, plans are afoot to erect automatic signals (stop and go for 30 seconds) and it would replace the personnel, a senior police officer said.

On the Alagarkoil Road side, the pedestrian crossing point is likely to come near Eco Park-Tallakulam Perumal Temple.

On the Ghokale Road side, pedestrians can cross near Eve’s Era-Swastik Furniture and another crossing near the IOC Roundabout.

Already, there is a policeman posted for regulating vehicles at the four-road crossing near Sathguru Sangeetha Samajam and in front of the Tamukkum Grounds.

Tar topping to be done soon

The connecting roads between Alagarkoil Road and Ghokale Road would be tar topped soon and speed breakers would be laid. “We have identified speed breakers (user friendly ones) to be laid at 14 places covering the approach roads of Ghokale Road and Alagarkoil Road,” an officer said and added that though Collector Anshul Mishra had approved it at the recently held Road Safety Committee meeting, it could not be executed due to paucity of funds.

To lay a quality speed breaker, it would cost Rs 25,000, an official from the highways said.

Public has welcomed the initiative

The traffic police who have conducted survey in the last two months from road users on the conversion of one-way traffic system said that many motorists have welcomed the initiative of the authorities.

The absence of traffic signal from Periyar statue to Goripalayam and in the opposite direction is a blessing in disguise for motorists.

But now many feel that it is time that the officials educate the motorists on how to use these stretches. As the option to make use of the full road on both the stretches has now been opened up parking of vehicles should be regulated especially on the Alagarkoil Road side.

The motorists also wanted the police to consider trimming down the traffic island in front of the Le Chatelier School.

Once this is done, they feel that this spot could become more user friendly and could also help accommodate more vehicles to pass through with ease.

Speed breakers to restrict speed

Similarly, for those vehicles taking right from the district court-DIG of Police camp office side near Pandyan Hotel, a speed breaker could be considered near Circuit House so that speed of vehicles coming from Alagarkoil side could be restricted.

Many motorists expressed difficulty in taking right turn at this intersection since vehicles come at tremendous speed from Alagarkoil side. The police officer said that they are examining the modalities.

A facelift for road users is in the offing and it sure is good news.

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