Keeping patient safety in mind, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) will launch a nationwide campaign to encourage government as well as private hospitals to go for quality accreditation and develop an individual brand image.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, K.K.Kalra, Chief Executive Officer, NABH, said only 195 of the 40,000-odd hospitals and healthcare institutions in the country had been accredited.

Stating that only a few States were proactive in applying for accreditation, he said infrastructure and quality gaps in a hospital could be filled when it went for the process.

In Tamil Nadu, 18 hospitals had been accredited, and the Peraiyur Government Hospital had now applied for NABH certification.

There was also another procedure called ‘Safe I’ which focused on certification for taking measures to prevent hospital-acquired infection, he said, and stressed that the NABH certificate was a mark of excellence, patient safety culture and treatment quality.