If you are a farmer dreaming of starting livestock and fish rearing in your ranch to take your sustenance to the next level, just visit the ongoing Regional livestock and fisheries exhibition at Exhibition Grounds opposite Tirunelveli Corporation where you can get plenty of information on meticulously administering your new venture and profitably running it. The objective behind conducting this exhibition here is to create awareness on livestock and fish rearing as they were facing successive crop failure after monsoon belied since 2009.

Bringing its various arms under one umbrella, the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University has set up 72 stalls in the exhibition and dedicated every unit for a particular topic ranging from cow rearing to value addition. Rearing cow, goat, sheep, rabbit, poultry, white pig, Japanese quail, turkey, marine and freshwater fish culture, ornamental fishes, crab fattening and value addition using meat and the fishes etc. are being narrated thoroughly to the farmers.

Moreover, comprehensive literature on all these topics and audio-visual demonstrations in the CDs are also given in the stalls, which will be open to public between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. till Monday (September 10). The birds on display in this exhibition, all meant for poultry industry, are quite interesting to watch. Your children will love to see the rabbits, goats, sheep, fishes, crabs, lobster and eggs of birds including that of ostrich and emu.

A couple of banks including Indian Overseas Bank have set up their stalls to explain to the farmers in detail the financial assistance being extended by the financial institutions for livestock rearing and fish culture ventures.

Though the TANUVAS has made arrangements for displaying the value-added products of cow, goat, sheep, Japanese quail, turkey, marine and freshwater fishes, these products are not sold so that the visitors, especially the women, could taste those dishes, all kept in a freezer.

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